Why Rent a Lock Up Garage?

As you may know storage is over subscribed and overpriced. We at Park With Us are trying to bring you a more affordable way of storing your items. We know how important it is for you to keep your belongings safe.

We can provide you with an affordable solution. Whether you want somewhere to keep your car when you are at home or whether you want somewhere to park your car for work everyday, renting a garage or parking space is the solution!

We provide garages and parking spaces throughout the UK.  Renting out one of our garages or parking spaces couldn’t be easier. Just use the search box to enter the location of the area and our database will search & display relevant results to you.

Lower insurance premiums, easy access, cheaper than self-storage, these are just some of the reasons to rent a garage.

Once you have found a garage you are interested in, we can arrange for you to view it. If you’re happy and you wish to rent the garage, we will provide a rental agreement which you will need to sign. We ask that the first months payment is made via BACs, or Cheque and the monthly payments are made by direct debit.

All our garages and spaces are rented on a 30 day rolling contract. If you wish to terminate your agreement, just provide us with one months’ notice in writing. (All details will be on the rental agreement).

If you have any questions about renting a Garage or Parking Space from us please do not hesitate to contact us.


Renting a Lock Up Garage

Lock up garages are great as an extra parking space or to store a second car for the weekends. We make the process of renting a garage easy, from finding you a suitable space, to arranging monthly payments.

When you rent a garage from us you know your car is safe and secure without the worry of someone damaging your vehicle.

No more parking fines

Renting a Parking Space

Parking in the UK is becoming more of a problem, there are more cars on the road and less space. By renting a parking space from us, you can park your car everyday without the worry of finding spare change, driving around looking for a parking or worrying about parking fines.

The space Is yours to rent everyday as long as you need. We change rents on a monthly basis by direct debit.

Your guaranteed parking space

Buying a Lock Up Garage.

We sometimes have lock up garages for sale. Buying a lock up garage can make a great investment. We can help you rent it out, or you could use it for yourself long term.

Lock up garages start from around £5,000.